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                • Brief introduction of aluminum alloy positive pressure air supply
                • What is the difference between a fresh air unit and a hot air heat exchanger?
                • Axial fan operation points


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                    Quanzhou Quan Feng Motor Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Quan west side of the wind industry in the city - Quanzhou, one of the enterprises set up investment. The company mainly produces "spring wind", "power Motion" brand AC and DC axial fan, micro-motor and protective net cover. Under the company has mold,…[DETAIL]

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                  Quanzhou Quanfeng Motor Detection Technology Center is the company's own set of scientific research, testing of engineering and technology testing center, advanced equipment, complete, is the first private enterprises in the fan detection technology center. The Center and the Fuzhou University, Huaqiao University and Fujian Province, the Center of the Institute of horizontal joint, for many fan bus…[DETAIL]
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